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UNITECH mobility programme - apply by Jan 10

UNITECH mobility programme - apply by Jan 10

ATENCIÓ Deadline: Dijous 10 de gener: termini sol·licitar el programa UNITECH'2019-2020

UNITECH is a network of

- European partner universities (Academic Partners, AP). For the list of Partners, see:
https://www.unitech-international.org/the-network/academic-partners(open in new window)

- Partner companies (Corporate Partners, CP). For the list of Partners, see:
https://www.unitech-international.org/the-network/corporate-partners(open in new window):


In the network, some students from the partner universities participate in the UNITECH programme, which consists in:

- Doing an academic exchange at an AP;

- Doing an internship at a CP after the academic exchange;

- Taking several specific modules in between these stays.


More information on UNITECH:
https://www.unitech-international.org/(open in new window)
https://www.unitech-international.org/images/application/UNITECH_Programme_Handbook_2019_2020.pdf(open in new window)