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Request for the Degree certificate

Request for the Degree certificate: foreign students

Once the student has conferred his/her degree, he/she will be able to request the certificate for their Title together with the European Supplement to the diploma (SET).


The costs for these certificates can be consulted in the document “PREUS ACADEMICS”   (academic prices see here) that is published annually by the Generalitat de Catalunya.


The student will be aware of doing the procedure to obtain the title, in the “Oficina oberta”, when in the screen of “e-secretaria” appears the following:


· Record state : Closed

· Record condition: Entitled / Qualified


(Approximately one week after the reading of the master’s thesis)


The European Supplement Diploma (SET) is a document which provides information to the degree obtained by the detailed description of its nature, level, context and content. The SET is drawn up in Catalan, Spanish and English and it is served as recognition in the European territory of the degree studied.


Who can request it?

- The person concerned


Necessary documentation

- The original and a photocopy of the student's current Passport. If you are a citizen of the UE you can also be identified by NIE plus the identity card of your country (always current documents).


How to make the request


Onsite request

 The person concerned will have to turn up in the “Oficina Oberta” in opening hours to the user. They will facilitate the solicitude of expedition so that the person requesting can review it and sign it, and the tax of application of the title.


The tax payment can be done:

  • by credit/debit card at “Oficina Oberta” or at “e-secretaria
  • in cash in any office of “La Caixa”


So that the certificate can be authenticated it is needed to request the receipt for the certificate in progress. The student can ask for this certificate creating a tiquet using the following address https://demana.upc.edu/sga/



Responsible Area:

Teaching Support Office (Oficina de Suport a la Docència)

DEMANA Academic information (online attention) : demana.upc.edu/osdcbl/login.php
Telephon number: +34 93 552 35 02