Applying for a degree certificate and Diploma Supplement


An official degree is a document issued by the University that proves that the holder has completed an official curriculum and that is academically and professional valid across Spain in accordance with prevailing regulations. The degree is official in nature and fully valid for all intents and purposes when proof is issued that the fees for issuing the degree certificate have been paid.

When you meet all the academic and economic requirements, your academic record will be closed and the application procedure for the degree certificate will automatically be activated in the menu on the left-hand side of the e-Secretaria.

Watch the video below that summarises how to apply in the e-Secretaria. Remember to have all your documents ready before starting your application:

If you are a graduate who does not have access to the e-Secretaria, you can also apply for the degree certificate online, but you must first get in touch with the academic secretary’s office:



Responsible Area:

Teaching Support Office (Oficina de Suport a la Docència)

DEMANA Academic information (online attention) :
Telephon number: +34 93 552 35 02