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Exchange students (INCOMING): During your stay




    Each semester, the subject’s schedule changes. Check the newest available schedule for both schools on the following link:


    Depending on your subjects of interest, you can simulate your future timetable and plan for clashes using these guides:

    EETAC to make your schedule of classes

    ESAB to make your schedule of classes

    Once you get here in Castelldefels, you will have to come to the International Office and sign your enrollment document.



    Furthermore, here you'll find the enrollment calendar for the international students. There may be some differences between each School within our campus, you can find more information here

     Please, bear in mind that EETAC has an academic year, with two semesters.

    • Autumn semester (QT): from middle of September to end of January (including examination periods).
    • Spring semester (QP): from middle of February to end of June (including examination periods).

    Deadline to accept the Learning Agreement proposed:

    July, 5 July, 12
    Publication of the school subject's schedule and exams calendar July, 3 July, 10


    Julyy 6 -7

    July, 13

    Beginning of lessons:



    Deadline to modify Learning Agreement and Registration:

    October, 2 October, 2

    Deadline to modify enrollment documentation:

    October, 6 October, 6
    Deadline to sign last Learning Agreement: October, 11 October, 11


     If you need more information concerning this process, you can have a look at this document.




    In case the subjects overlap you will need to choose another module, your learning agreement will have to be modified and signed again by all the parties. You will have approximately 2 or 3 weeks after the lessons start to do modifications of your learning agreement but we will give you the exact calendar at the welcome meeting.


         3. SIGN INTO ATENEA


    Once you have selected courses and groups that allow you to assist to all the lessons, we can continue with the enrollment. At this moment, you can upload your photo in order to receive your Student Card and the credentials to access the academic system.






    The UPC has put in place a website detailing important information on how to obtain or renew legal documents.

    For instance, to apply for a visa, you should refer to the following link and for the legalization of the student visa for non-European citizens you should follow these instructions . For more information related to the legal status  and the obtention of a NIE (Identification Number for Foreigners) card you can have a look here. Finally, if any of your legal documents is lost or stolen during your stay, check this webpage.




    The general website for student accommodation (residences, rent a flat, flat-share with other students, etc.) is Resa Housing.

    The UPC also offers information about halls of residence in Barcelona and neighbouring area in the following link. On this website you will also find a notice board, student housing offers who seek rooms and flats to share, solitary housing (flat-shares with the elderly) and also subsidised room rentals for young people.

    Finally, Castelldefels’ campus features its own hall of residence, known as the Pius Font i Quer Accommodation. You will be able to apply for accommodation if you come within the normal semester dates. Please, make sure that your booking has been done before coming. . For the closest available option, you can contact the Residence in the link below:


    Please bear in mind that in any case you will be responsible of finding your own accommodation.




    Remember that at this moment we have your previous personal details and we will need to update our data  with your current information in Spain. This will include:

    1. Your NIE number

    2. Your postal address

    3. Your phone number in Spain




    The UPC offers Catalan and Spanish language courses (among others), taught in Barcelona’s campus nord. If you are interested, you can find more information on their website by clicking on the following links:




    The School is integrated inside the Baix Llobregat Campus (CBL) , which belongs to the Mediterranean Technology Park (PMT). The surroundings are composed of different reference research centers, such as ICFOCIMNE or CTTC, the development and innovation of different companies with the education of the two Schools: EETAC (Castelldefels School of Telecommunications and Aerospace Engineering) and ESAB (Agricultural Engineering School of Barcelona).

    Very close to the Campus, 5 minutes on foot, is a very unique Catalan sportive installation; the Canal Olímpic de Catalunya, where rowing, canoeing and skating, among other sports, are practiced.

    Castelldefels’ city center and all the services, such as shops, banks, football fields, etc., are located within less than a 10 minute walk from campus. That being said, near the campus, there is a shopping center called Ànec Blau, with shops, restaurants and a cinema, which is open all year round.

    With 300 sunny days per year, clean beaches with clear water and warm weather temperatures, Castelldefels is one of the pearls of the Mediterranean Coast. Castelldefels is a paradise to practice water sports the whole year round and enjoy Mediterranean culture, food, art, celebrations, shows and spectacles.

    The school also features several associations, you can find the complete list here.

    Furthermore, the schools organise every year a campus party, featuring free taster-classes from different sports, a football and basketball league, surprises and prizes, and several live bands and DJs overtaking the main stage. Furthermore, popular food and cheap drinks will be sold all-day long and there will be an after-party bus bringing you directly to one of the biggest clubs in Barcelona

    If you have any queries or further doubts, please feel free to contact us on the following addresses: